Polish Desk

  • We have outstanding experience in helping foreigners take care of their business in Poland. We help not only companies, but also individuals.
  • We represent our clients from abroad in their dealings with Polish authorities, institutions and partners.
  • Our support for foreign clients is not limited to legal issues. Thanks to our local partners we can help you in many various issues.


  • Business law revolves primarily around agreements with clients and business partners. We make sure that the contracts of our Clients suit their needs and are as safe as possible. 
  • We draft, review and evaluate commercial contracts, general contract terms and regulations.
  • We help our Clients understand the language of commercial agreements and assess contract risk. We translate from “Legalese” into English, German and Polish.
  • We take care of international and cross-border aspects related to contracts.
  • We represent our clients during negotiations and conclusion of contracts.

Companies & Corporations

  • We advise at every stage of company and corporation operation.
  • We prepare legal solutions and structures that will best suit our Clients’ goals. We advise which legal form to chose for specific projects and needs.
  • We establish commercial companies, corporations associations and foundations. We provide comprehensive support for owners and stakeholders.
  • We prepare corporate documents such as contracts, articles of association, statutes, regulations, meeting minutes, resolutions etc.
  • We advise on M&A transactions, conduct legal due diligence and prepare transactional paperwork.

Intellectual Property & New Technologies

  • We provide support in the field of copyright law and related rights, industrial property law, as well as protection of know-how and trade secrets.
  • We help creators in obtaining protection of trademarks, industrial designs, patents and utility models in Poland and abroad.
  • We prepare and negotiate agreements for the performance of works (graphic designs, websites, software, etc.), copyright transfer agreements and license agreements.
  • We develop legal solutions for IT projects and e-commerce.
  • We represent clients in disputes related to intellectual and industrial property rights.

Personal Data & GDPR

  • We conduct audits of personal data protection and verify compliance with privacy law, in particular the  General Data Protection Regulation.
  • We carry out GDPR implementations, prepare the necessary documentation, including data protection policies, information clauses etc.
  • We prepare, evaluate and negotiate agreements  related to the processing of personal data.
  • We offer trainings and workshops on data privacy and the GDPR, tailored to the needs of participants.

Employment Law

  • We advise companies on how to efficiently and safely hire personnel in Poland. We take care of cross-border and international issues related to employment.
  • We prepare employment contracts, non-compete  agreements, confidentiality agreements and other documents related to employment.
  • We create optimal solutions for the employment of managers and directors.
  • We help employers in the creation of internal legal acts related to employment (regulations, compliance procedures, employee documentation, etc.).
  • We advise on the restructuring of employment as well as individual and group layoffs.

Litigation & Arbitration

  • We carry out pre-trial evaluations of disputes and assess the risk associated with initiating court or arbitration proceedings.
  • We represent clients before Polish common courts, administrative courts as well as the Polish Supreme Court and the Supreme Administrative Court.
  • We represent clients in domestic and foreign mediation and arbitration proceedings.
  • In cooperation with foreign partners, we help our clients with litigation and arbitration in other jurisdictions.

Transport & Logistics

  • We advise clients from the TSL industry on legal aspects related to national and international road, rail, air and sea transport.
  • We secure the interests of carriers, forwarders, customs agencies and insurance companies in matters related to transport damage.
  • We represent the TSL industry in court proceedings. In particular in cases of claims related to transport damage under the CMR Convention.

International Business

  • We are not afraid of international challenges. We are happy to support clients who are planning to expand their business abroad.
  • We provide comprehensive legal support in Polish, English and German.
  • We have experience in cross-border transactions and know what to look for in order to secure clients in relations with foreign partners.
  • Thanks to our foreign contacts, we can help our clients with law, taxes and accounting in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Greece, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain and many other countries.

Training Courses

  • We like to share our knowledge and practical experience.
  • We are happy to conduct training courses and workshops, in particular on contract law, corporate law and personal data protection.
  • For foreign clients and institutions we also offer lectures and workshops on “Doing Business in Poland”.

Legal & Business Translations

  • We work with foreign languages every day. We operate in Polish, English and German.
  • We prepare professional translations of documents, in particular with respect to legal texts.
  • We accompany our clients during talks and negotiations with foreign partners. We support clients not only with legal, but also language and communication issues.
  • We translate legalese  into a language understood by the client.